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Just in case anyone wanted to have a happy feeling today.

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The madness of Sarkhan Vol in Khans of Tarkir

The Planeswalker Sarkhan Vol has never had it easy. Born on a windswept, war-torn world where dragons are extinct, he became a Planeswalker as a young man and set out to find and worship the greatest dragons in the Multiverse.

He eventually ran afoul of the one of the oldest and most powerful dragons in existence: the ancient and malevolent elder dragon Planeswalker, Nicol Bolas. With his will broken and his mind unraveling, he became Bolas’s servant. In Bolas’s thrall, he traveled to Zendikar, entered the mysterious chamber called the Eye of Ugin, and unwittingly helped unleash the plane-ravaging Eldrazi.

Unable to trust his own mind, fearful of Bolas’s retribution, and cast out by his own people, Sarkhan Vol has returned to Tarkir.

Check out more Khans of Tarkir artwork and spoilers.

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Remember kids, soul mates aren’t real, but Sarkhan Vol can turn into a dragonimage

And that’s good enough

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This sums up my initial impression of Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker
*he’s really good*


This sums up my initial impression of Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker

*he’s really good*

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I couldn’t resist

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These cards please me.  Looks like I’m switching from Jund Monsters to Teemur Monsters!

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Magic: the Gathering - Khans of Tarkir Party

PAX MTG Party - If you drink at least one of each of the custom Clan mixed drinks, then expect your head to feel like this (as demonstrated by Sarkhan.)

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Magic the Gathering Funko POP’s Ready for Launch

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Here there be an Elder Dragon: Funko’s Pop! Magic: The Gathering Series 2 available for pre-order

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""Rage courses in every heart, yearning to betray its rational prison."
-Sarkhan Vol"

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